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Study Teaching and Education

Are you passionate about teaching? Do you need a teacher training course that will hone your pedagogical skills and open the doors to the teaching world?

TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) courses are designed to equip teachers who wish to teach children and adolescents in the age range 7–16 with knowledge, understanding and confidence in areas such as using resources, classroom management and lesson planning. They also raise awareness of the context and theory of language teaching and learning to children and adolescents.

PRICE: $1400


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Graduate Career Ready with Established School Networks

Teach at Public Centers:

In Language Link public schools, we provide an array of English courses that are suitable for all targets and ages. Every school is well resourced, with a large amount of supplementary materials and all the flash cards, books or audio that you could need. The staff are kind and helpful. You are always surrounded by really motivated language teachers and the academic managers are always there to answer your questions.

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See what working at Language Link is all about

Language Link Vietnam was one of the first English teacher training centres in Hanoi, offering custom-built facilities and top-quality trainers. As a member of the Language Link International group of schools, Language Link Vietnam draws upon over 20 years of training experience, and an extensive network to support all its activities.

Professional and Career Development Opportunities

Language Link is committed to making your teaching journey a rewarding and unforgettable experience. As a member of the Language Link Teaching staff, there is a wealth of opportunities for you to explore and grow with us. We offer following supports to help you grow faster.

  • Opportunities to take TYLEC courses with reimbursement based on the contract duration
  • Creating a professional development plan
  • Ongoing professional workshop
  • Coaching for the new teachers with forthnightly workshops by experienced teachers and dedicated academic team
  • 1:1 mentoring program
  • Relocation counseling and support
  • Options to transfer among public centers or business segments
  • Opportunity to become a Cambridge speaking examiner

Working Environment

At Language Link we take fun seriously! Apart from a combination of world-class infrastructure and activities to make you more successful, we have a lot of exciting activities to make learning interesting and enjoyable.

Monthly birthday party

Team building events

Christmas and Tet parties

Regular teacher-only retreats

Teacher testimonial about working at LLV

Frabrice Tranne

The working environment at LLV is unlike any that I had experienced before as it truly feels like a second home, a family even rather than just a workplace. The Academic Team, which I am blessed to be a part of now, has always been incredibly supportive to teachers by providing them with guidance, training, tips on how to navigate Hanoi and a willingness to help with just about anything.

Rosanne Vrieswijk

Learning English is, for many Vietnamese students, quite a challenge. To help them face the challenge, for me, it is always very important that students have many opportunities to speak. Also having fun is one of the key words, as it motivates students to learn in a relaxed environment. Through speaking activities and games students learn a lot and for me as a teacher it’s a great way to monitor and help students to improve their English.

Adriana Piacentini

As a fully qualified English Language Teacher, I will always do my absolute best to make sure my students have a great experience. The lessons will be engaging, challenging and good fun and my students are encouraged to make mistakes to learn from that. Peer learning is also encouraged as we know that learners are often able to help each other.

Adriana Piacentini

Working at Language Link allows me to work with a wide variety of learners at different levels.

I teach some fantastic students and have lovely colleagues from all over the world. I’m gaining lots of useful experience to help me grow and develop as a teacher, which is great.

Ha Noi is a great city to teach and live in too!

Chris Shallcross

Our CELTA course at Language Link has been running for 15 years, training over 500 teachers, and our course consistently receives praise from Cambridge assessors on the excellent course structure and the knowledge and experience of our trainers. We pride ourselves on being the best CELTA centre in Hanoi and there is always high demand for places on our courses. Our former trainee teachers always comment on the support and guidance they receive from our trainers. Many of our current teachers at Language Link started with us as trainee teachers on the CELTA

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Project-based activities to welcome new school

Teachers in Language Link Lang Ha are working with their students of different levels on several project-based activities to welcome new school in 34T Hoang Dao Thuy Street – Trung...

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Language Link Vietnam appointed to offer TYLEC

Language Link Vietnam has been appointed by Trinity College London to be one of only 3 non-British Council schools to offer the course around the world. This honor shows Language...

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Language Link opens new school in Trung Hoa Nhan...

Language Link Vietnam opened a new center in 34T Hoang Dao Thuy Street, Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh on late October as an effort to reach out to students and...

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