Schools Link English Programme is an English language education project by Language Link Vietnam, designed for primary and secondary schools, to enhance the quality of teaching and learning English at public schools in Hanoi.

The programme was formed and put into operation in 2008 and has since achieved remarkable success and received increasing student enrolment, positive feedback, from our partner schools, parents and students.


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Schools Link students have been consistently ranked top of the list in DOET’s annual independent A1 Assessment.



As an important branch of Language Link Vietnam, Schools Link is committed to helping all of the learners achieve the highest possible results at school and in all English tests and examinations, and to help our students get into elite middle schools, high schools, and universities.







All of our teachers are trained in applying the communicative approach to language teaching, a methodology which is based on the belief that it is through communication (by speaking, listening, reading, and writing) that learners most effectively pick up a language and develop confidence in using it. This means that our lessons require learners to communicate with each other as much as possible in English. Through our approach to teaching, our learners can effectively improve their speaking and listening skills, at the same time becoming more confident using English.







  1. Having proven success over 10 years.
  2. Students are studied in small groups (18-26 kids) to maximize their communication practices and their interaction with foreign teachers.
  3. All classes are scheduled to be within main class hours.
  4. 100% of classes have teacher assistants.
  5. All in-class communication is in English.
  6. Our classrooms are student-centred.
  7. Students learn English through fun lessons and activities.
  8. All lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each class, integrating activities to develop not only language skills but also critical thinking and other 21st century skills.
  9. Students are encouraged to learn by active rules.
  10. All four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) receive attention during the learning process.










To send us questions, comments about our programme, please contact the Schools Link Department anytime by calling the numbers or emailing the address below.









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