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Current English learning trends in the world lean towards COMPREHENSIVE LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT that is learning English must meet two objectives: communication and learning/working. Therefore, the English programs at Language Link are designed to integrate both benefits for students: COMMUNICATION EFFECTIVELY AND LEARNING/WORKING SUCCESSFULLY.


All teachers at Language Link are Bachelors or Masters of Arts; possess teaching qualifications/certifications recognized globally such as CELTA, DELTA, TYLEC, TESOL; and are always researching the latest and most effective teaching methods in order to constantly improve their teaching quality.

Student Progress Management

At Language Link, we are very concerned about the progress of students at Language Link, so our monitoring and reporting system after each lesson will keep the Academic department up to date with any problems the students may have and provide timely support or intervention if necessary.

Teaching Quality Control

With 20 years of strategic partnership with the Cambridge University and Trinity University (UK) in CELTA and TYLEC training, we are confident that our teachers are fully qualified. We regularly organize workshops or short courses to equip our teachers with professional knowledge and better understanding of the students in Vietnam.


We understand that each stage of life comes with different learning needs. With that in mind, the English programs at Language Link are designed to meet the students’ learning objectives from early years to adulthood.

English Very Young Learners

The English for Pre-schoolers program develops comprehensive English skills with double benefits: Standard communication & Phonics, a prerequisite for early literacy skills.

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Young learners

The English for Primary School Students program develop comprehensive English skills with double benefits: Good English listening and speaking skills + Confident grammar and writing skills in order to achieve good academic performance

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Secondary School

The English for Secondary School Students program, integrating both communicative and academic English, develop comprehensive English skills with triple benefits: Communication skills + Test taking skills + Self-study skills

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High School

The English for High School Students program develop comprehensive English skills with the International Foundation Year to prepare for both domestic and international university study.

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Professional English

The TOEIC program and the Professional English program develop communication skills and vocabulary used at workplace as well as help students succeed in the TOEIC exam.

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Language Link Achievement

Accredited TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) Training Institution

Accredited CELTA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) Training Institution

National association of accredited English language centres in the United Kingdom.

TOEIC Testing Center
English proficiency test in Vietnam

14 years as the sole strategic partner of the Hanoi Department of Education and Training in organizing the English Olympics