Language Link Vietnam appointed to offer TYLEC

“HOW TO MAKE THE MOST OF MUSIC IN CLASS” WORKSHOP Project-based activities to welcome new school Language Link opens new school in Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh

Language Link Vietnam has been appointed by Trinity College London to be one of only 3 non-British Council schools to offer the course around the world. This honor shows Language Link Vietnam’s commitment and endless effort to ensure the best quality in ESL teaching and learning in its network in Vietnam.

Bố mẹ liệu có biết trí thông minh nổi trội của con?

Khám phá ngay để sát cánh bên con phát huy tối đa trí tuệ!


TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) courses are designed to equip teachers who wish to teach children and adolescents in the age range 7–16 with knowledge, understanding and confidence in areas such as using resources, classroom management and lesson planning. They also raise awareness of the context and theory of language teaching and learning to children and adolescents.

This is an excellent opportunity for teachers to develop as teachers of English for young learners, as well as significantly improve your CV.

Possibility of part-time or full-time employment for successful candidates after the course with Language Link is another plus that can not be missed.



Con giỏi tiếng Anh đến đâu? Liệu con đã sẵn sàng cho kỳ thi Tiếng Anh Cambridge?

Đăng ký ngay cho con thi thử miễn phí ngay!


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Để được tư vấn về lộ trình học tập ở Language Link Academic tại Hà Nội, vui lòng đăng ký tại đây, nhân viên của Language Link Academic sẽ gọi điện tư vấn cho bạn trong 24h nhé ^^

Cẩm nang học tốt


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